Express IT - Mac Data Recovery Services in Geneva

Mac Data Recovery Services in Geneva

Mac Data Recovery Services

In the event of data loss due to hardware failure (liquid spilled on/in your Mac, power outage, dropping your Mac and/or external hard drives), or software malfunction (system failure, file deleted inadvertently or file corruption), we are usually able to recover your data with a probability of success between 80% and 100%.

We can recover data from any type of media (HDD, SSD, USB, DVD, NAS, etc).

Our workshop contains professional software tools helping us recover data from your Mac in case of a software malfunction. If a problem is hardware-based, we collaborate with our partner Stellar Data Recovery, a leading global company specializing in data recovery.

Express IT : Mac Data Recovery in Geneva

As a partner of Stellar Data Recovery, we can also offer you a 25% discount for the diagnosis (the usual fee is CHF 100.-)

The delay in returning your data is usually 3 to 5 working days.

Here are the steps to follow if you realize there is a loss of data, or if suspicious noises are coming from your hard drive (rattling , squeaking, etc.):

- Do not copy any new files to the hard disk;
- Do not install any new software (including data recovery software);
- Do not format the hard drive, and do not try to repair it with utilities;
- Immediately turn off your Mac and bring it to our repair shop as soon as possible.

The steps to recover the data from your Mac are as follows:

- Bring your Mac or hard drive to our workshop;
- We will perform an initial diagnostic test (at the reduced rate of CHF 75.-)
- We will analyze the problem and the probability of data recovery;
- If you agree with our analysis, we will proceed with recovering your data;
- Your data will be delivered to you on a new support, which will be included in the price.

Our fees for the recovery of your data are variable and depend on the severity of the problem and capacity of your hard drive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about our Mac Data Recovery Services: +41 22 320 13 56

A solid backup system is the best way for you to prevent data loss on your Mac. However, as Mac backup specialists, we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

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